Data Scientist - NLP Engineer

Job description

At, We help Customer Service teams deliver a better experience with AI and automation.

Founded in 2016, with very consistent growth over the years, we’re working with dozens of clients from different sectors such as Banks, Insurance Companies, Public Sector among others. Our headquarters is in Lisbon but we have team members working all over Iberia.

To strengthen our Technology team, we are recruiting a Data Scientist - NLP Engineer willing to help us build the next-generation intelligent platform for custom support, powered by large-scale data and true state-of-the-art technologies and algorithms.


  • Design and develop state of the art algorithms in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Information Retrieval (IR) with a focus on written text processing with a question and answering model;
  • Conduct practical research with a scientific mindset, and a focus on delivery;
  • Integrate scalable and efficient machine learning (ML) algorithms into the platform;
  • Help in the design of new features in the product, and drive innovation inside the company;
  • Scientific and technical publications are possible and encouraged;
  • Applicants should be interested to keep up to date with scientific advancements.

Job requirements

• Minimum of 1 year of experience in a Data Science related role, preferably working within an NLP and Information Retrieval environment;

• Programming experience in Python and Data Science & ML packages (pandas, nltk, spacy, scikit-learn, gensim);

• Knowledge of NLP (word embeddings, named-entity recognition, information extraction);

• Used to building and delivering ML products;

Benefits and Perks:

  • Hybrid (Fintech House office in Lisbon and other co-working spaces over the country) or remote work options;
  • Fantastic startup environment in one of the leading technology hubs in Lisbon Fintech House;
  • Open environment with a constant contribution to the implementation of new technical solutions and evolution of the current systems;
  • Competitive salary, according to the function and experience shown;
  • Health insurance, Spanish and English training;
  • Excellent growth prospects within the company both in Portugal and abroad;
  • Training and conferences;
  • Company events.